Friday, October 12, 2007

Harper Is Taking A Page Out Of McGuinty's Book

By appointing John Manley (the bluest of blue Liberals) to head a group tasked with giving recommendations on our presence in Afghanistan, Harper is pulling a McGuinty. He is pushing a problem down the road and every time he is asked about it either in parliament or on the campaign trail, he can say "Well, let's wait and see what the commission says". The press of course, will eat this up, because with them, it's not about whether an action is justifiable, only whether it is "politically smart".
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  1. Well, to be fair to Harper, AND McGuinty, it's hardly McGuinty's book. The idea that if you want to bury something, you refer it to committee, has been around for so long that it was a joke even in the days of "Yes, Minister".n

  2. True, but I am ticked at McGuinty.

  3. Sometimes, these things are as much about managing public opinion than anything else.

    I believe the word that fits is "finesse".

    The old-fashioned name for it was, of course, a "Royal Commission".

    But I suppose the PM didn't want to deal with letters patent and all the legalities that come with them.