Saturday, October 27, 2007

Daycare, Smaycare

If this doesn't get Greg Staples back to blogging and away from Facebook, I don't know what will. The Tories have stonewalled the release of the study done on the feasibility of company run daycare knowing, as everyone else in the world, that business isn't interested in providing daycare to workers. So, the sad fact is, the need for daycare spaces keeps growing. Who needs that kind of embarrassment? There is no mystery why the Tories have a problem appealing to women. You just have to follow the policies.
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  1. You'd think it would have made more sense to do the research before proposing a new policy that had never been tried in Canada before. Methinks these Tories might be just a bit dim.

  2. Tis ideology that makes 'em so.

  3. You know my take already. And that it happens to be different that the Conservatives is of no concern to me. Specially 'cause mine has such a nice ring to it.
    Pay for your own f'n daycare.

  4. Greg, you're so jaded. ;)