Friday, October 12, 2007

And Just To Emphasize The Point

The Star's editorial board adds its two cents:
Supporters of proportional representation have had a fair chance to make their case. They should accept the will of the vast majority of voters and resist the urge to demand another costly referendum.
Now let's never hear any more talk of this ever again, you stupid peasants.

I predict this will be the line from the Family Compact and its faithful hounds in the press for the rest of my life. I hope you all like first past the post, because the Family sure does and that's all that matters. All this talk of democracy is too wasteful an exercise. Leave it to us, we know what's best.

P.S. When the voter turnout gets below 50%, I predict the Family will react in two ways. First, it will scold the people for their laziness. Second, it will move to tinker with the system without any mandate whatsoever (mandatory voting is my guess, but it will be something that does not threaten its position in any way).

Update: Note to Murray Campbell, we are not walking away from the electoral process, we are being pushed. You try being told for thirty years that your opinion doesn't matter and then come and talk to me. As you yourself wrote:
Political scientists have reasoned that people will only vote if they believe the time and effort necessary are outweighed by a feeling of civic duty mixed with a belief that they can affect the election outcome and improve their society.
Well, I and 47% of Ontarians no longer have the "belief that they can affect the election outcome and improve their society". Soon it will be a majority and not some fake majority created by an anachronistic voting system, but the real thing.
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