Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coyne Gets It Right

In his column today. He points his finger at one of the underlying messages of the no side in this campaign -- vote for MMP and you will get Muslim extremists calling the shots.
Much the same hysteria surfaced in the accompanying referendum on proportional representation: the first thing those opposed were likely to call to mind was, what if a Muslim party started up?

Never mind that the entire Muslim population of Ontario, at 3% of the total, would have to vote for the Muslim party -- and only one -- to get over the 3% threshold the proposal entailed. This was Ontario's version of Quebec's "reasonable accommodation" hearings, and Ontarians, it was clear, were not in a mood to be particularly reasonable.
The only thing Coyne leaves out is such thinking assumes all Muslims are extremists and will vote as a block for an extremist party.
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