Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tom Flanagan: Super Genius

Tom Flanagan has a plan to get tough with the opposition. Stephen Harper's "Karl Rove" shared his thoughts with the Globe and Mail.
Some MPs said they also want to see their government find ways to get its agenda through the House of Commons. Mr. Flanagan has suggested attaching more confidence votes to legislation to tell the opposition that there will be a steep price to pay for blocking it.
I just bet the opposition is quaking in their boots over that threat. At 30% in the polls and falling, that kind of threat is the political equivalent of holding a gun to your own head and threating to pull the trigger. With advice like that it is no wonder Flanagan is becoming a, shall we say, divisive figure in the party.
But other MPs and strategists were not as keen on the idea.

"Tom always has interesting analysis," said a senior Tory official. "[But] I'm hoping we're going to step back a little bit and work more co-operatively on files."
Ouch. That is what you call a metaphorical pat on the head from someone who doesn't want to be collecting unemployment cheques any time soon.
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