Friday, August 24, 2007

Harper's Base Speaks Out...

About the Montebello incident:
Coles is changing his tune a little now. It was the anarchist type protesters who outed the officers to him, pointing out that they were police. Coles only fuelled the situation, by pulling on their masks and shouting, ultimately putting their safety at risk. My fury is not with the police or their tactics. I'm pissed because people like Coles take actions that force the government to spend millions on security for these events. No one really cares what they have to say....and I personally enjoy seeing one of them take a rubber bullet in the arse once in a while. If they REALLY feel the need to shoot their yaps off, please do it somewhere and in a manner that isn't costing me money.
The rock was just a part of the disguise.

Coles is just using this story to get free advertising for himself. This would have been a non-issue if he would have just ignored the undercover cop and continued with his "peaceful" protest. But no, Coles had to ham it up for the camera, shouting and waving his arms so he could be on tv.
BRAVO!!! What a brilliant tactic by the Quebec Police to shift focus from the meetings. The person who ordered it should be given a raise. I see it as totally harmless (as was the case) and totally effective, besides who really listens to protesters anyway... you only hear about protests when things get out of hand.
Let's look at this with an open mind and a bit of logic people.
-The police will often use undercover cops dressed like protesters in order to gather intelligence. They need to look the part even if that means grabbing a rock like the other protesters.
-Protesters who are about to throw a rock at police, don't go up to the front of the line. They stay way back in order to make an easy getaway.
-Things only got heated up when David Coles started telling everyone that they were cops, and tried to pull down their bandanas. Who was provoking whom?
-The police would not purposefully start a riot at the risk of injuring the public, not to mention their own people. Besides the police always get villified at these things, so why would they want the negative press.
-The only person who was trying to start a riot was David Coles by yelling that the 3 protesters were cops. He's lucky the anarchist types didn't turn on them.
-The police actually denied that they had placed "provocateurs" in the crowd, which was true. The 3 weren't "provocateurs" since their goal was not to provoke anything, but to watch.
-David Coles gave several interviews where he totally blamed the police for their actions, but now he says that he doesn't blame the police, but feels that the focus should have been on the reason for the protests.
-The police were being evasive because they are not in the business of divulging the undercover tactics that they use, for obvious reasons.

Instead of always being so anti-police and anti-authority, why not open your eyes and your minds and you'll see this for what it really was. An excercise in self serving fame seeking orchestrated by David Coles.
And Tories wonder why many people are worried that Harper might someday get a majority. With level-headed supporters like this on his side, Harper can't fail but do right by the nation.
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