Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Condemned To Minorities

I heard the No MMP campaign on the CBC this morning (I expect we will have a Yes MMP piece on any day now, right CBC?). The main thrust of the "message" is that Ontario will be condemned to minority governments. Let me just say that we have always had minority governments in Ontario. We call them majority governments and vest them with absolute power, but there has not been a government with a majority of voter support, since WWII. As for suffering, I will define suffering for you. For Conservatives and Liberals, it was seeing Bob Rae given absolute control of this province with less that 40% of the vote and for the NDP. For NDP supporters, it was seeing Mike Harris strip mining this province when he never had much more than 40% support. The problem the "No MMP" campaign is worried about is not minority government, it is sharing power.
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