Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sheep Look Up

One of the vocal opponents of MMP commenting on another matter, touched on one of the major flaws of FPTP yesterday:
Everybody knew the shuffle was coming, so I believe that the poll results are actually more interesting. Of course, it is important to not take this poll as saying more than it seems. One improved poll does not a trend make. Nevertheless, it is hard to deny that these numbers suggest a real shift in Ontario from quiet acceptance of Mr. Harper to a determined preference for Mr. Dion. It is also worth noting that the general direction for the NDP is down. In particular, NDP numbers in Qu├ębec and Ontario make it less likely for the Conservatives to win seats because of vote splitting. (emphasis mine)
Jason acknowledges that vote splitting is a problem. He even (inadvertently) acknowledges that this splitting distorts the will of the voters and hurts his own party in some circumstances. Yet he still persists in opposing MMP, a system designed specifically to end that kind of vote distortion. Could it be that Jason is not all that concerned about the distortion of the will of the voters, as long as it distorts in his party's favor? Surely not. It must be something more noble than that. I am sure he will tell us in due course.
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