Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dick Harris Just Doesn't Get It

From today's Prince George Citizen:"
I'm sure that the ethics commissioner will have a chuckle about this one," Harris said. "There's nothing unethical about having a volunteer working for you or unethical about wanting to help people out if they have a problem and can't get help from other sources."

He said the outrage comes largely from Cullen's supporters.

"We're not trying to steal any clients away from Cullen, we're just trying to help the ones that can't get help from him," Harris said.

Smith won't be paid, nor will she get an office and phone as a result of her appointment, said Harris. The experience will make her a better MP if she's elected, he added.

Smith couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday, but Harris said she told him the response she encountered while in Smithers for the Bulkley Valley Fair last week was great.

"Apart from some of the well-known NDP types who came up an harassed her and the people in the booth, the response was very positive," he said.
No there is nothing unethical about a having a volunteer working for you Mr. Harris, in your own riding. The Ethics Commissioner may look twice however, at your decision to appoint a volunteer in someone else's riding with the intention of usurping that other person's position. Especially when the person being usurped is the duly elected Member of Parliament for that riding.

My favorite bit though, is the last paragraph, where Harris claims that "Apart from some of the well-known NDP types", everyone else loves the idea. With nonsense like that, Harris could become a charter member of the Blogging Tories when he retires.

Finally to any members of the MSM, if you are reading this. Isn't it funny that Harris won't talk to you but will talk to the local press? Who does that sound like? Also, it doesn't seem to me that Harris is "backpedaling" in any way. Could it be that Ryan Sparrow is playing you for suckers?
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