Friday, August 24, 2007

Day Passes The Puck

So, the SDQ is now claiming that they did have undercover cops in the crowd, but that they were there to stop violence. So, what was the one cop doing holding a rock and pushing Dave Coles?

Second, Stockwell Day is trying to push all responsibility for this fiasco away from the RCMP and onto the SDQ, by saying it was purely an SDQ issue.
"I've made the inquiries and there was no RCMP that were involved as far as those three individuals go," he told reporters in Winnipeg.
How is that possible? I realize Day is slicing the salami pretty thin here. No, the three were not RCMP, but the RCMP was in charge of security for the event. Either the RCMP knew about these operations in which case it is as culpable as the SDQ, or it didn't, in which case it was grossly incompetent (I suspect this is the final defense Day will fall back to in the coming days). Either way, Canadians have a right to know what the hell was going on up in Quebec.

Update: As others have pointed out, the fact that the SDQ lied about the cops' identities in the first place makes the rest of their utterances on the matter highly suspect. Why should we believe anything the cops have to say on this matter? We need an independent investigation.
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