Friday, August 17, 2007

Cherniak Laughs At " Ignorant" Voters

I have had a suspicion from the start that the attitude expressed by Jason Cherniak below typifies the attitude of those running the NOMMP campaign. It is good that Jason has come out and said publicly, what the others no doubt have been sniggering about in private. In response to Dr. Dawg's comment about he and other back room Liberals fighting to scuttle the process, Jason replied:
"Lol. While I reject your foolish accusation, I wonder whether you think it is right to have a referendum of the population on electoral reform, when at least 90% of them know even less about political systems than me."
Of course, the fact that this McGuinty government is low-balling the referendum process and not adequately educating the public about their choices is a joke to the likes of Jason. If the public are not educated in their options it makes the distortions and fear tactics of the no campaign all that much more effective. The truth is, the no forces are counting on voter ignorance. It is the only chance they have. The public can and will have the last laugh. Let's wipe that arrogant smile off the no campaigner's faces.
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