Sunday, August 26, 2007

Democracy Is A Four Letter Word To His Psychotic Majesty

When I was a kid (back in the 60's), my father told me about how "things were" in Ontario. To get a job at the LCBO (our government owned liquor monopoly) one had to go to the local Conservative party functionary (the Conservatives had been in power for over 20 years at this point) and prove your worthiness to him. I don't know whether this was true or not, but the fact my father and his friends believed it gave the story and the Conservatives power. Toe the line or good, secure, jobs may be denied you. I thought those days of "patron politics" were behind us, but apparently Steve (who just loves "old Canada") wants to bring the good ole days back.

Imagine, if you will, that you are one of Nathan Cullen's constituents and you read something like this note, from a neighboring MP. What is one to think? The message is pretty clear. You can only talk to the government through representatives of the CPC. Since you elected someone from outside the party, you will not be able to have any government action by talking to that person. Only by presenting your case to our "go to person" will you get any action on your problem. Don't thank us now, you can reward that "go to person" by correcting your "mistake" in the next election.

I think if I was one of Mr. Cullen's constituents, I might be somewhat upset to learn that my democratically elected representative is now considered persona non grata, by the government. I think I would ask this "go to person", by what right does she think she is the legitimate representative of my concerns to the government? Who elected her? H/T to Dr. Dawg.
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