Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MSM Sharon Smith Watch Ends On Day 8

Finally, the Vancouver Sun does a piece on Sharon Smith. Money quote:
Harris "is essentially saying that the federal government system is corrupt and is run by the ruling party only, and that voters who vote for other parties will not get served."
Yes, that about sums it up. Vote Tory or FU.

It looks like the Tory plan is getting a rough reception in the riding. No surprise, but still gratifying.

Update 2: If this turns out to be a widespread plan by the Tories, it will make Adscam look like peanuts. The Tories are saying flat out that only Tory ridings will be helped by the government. That's the kind of message of which electoral wipe outs are made.

Update 3:
Garth Turner has some interesting insider stuff on Dick Harris.
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