Friday, August 24, 2007

Pushing The Blame Downward...Ever Downward

I was watching Newsworld and they were interviewing Doug Kirkland. Mr. Kirkland (with a great deal of prompting from the interviewer) suggested that the "agents provocateurs" were low level cops out on a lark with the permission of someone "at the sergeant's level". I am not sure where Mr. Kirkland is getting his information, or whether he is just engaging in wishful thinking. In any case he has given the higher ups just the shield they need to get them through this scandal. I can hear them now. "We knew nothing. We are shocked, shocked at their behaviour! God bless democracy!" Get your barf bags ready folks. You will feel the need to use them.

Let me point out to Mr. Kirkland that at one time, higher ups took responsibility for the actions of their juniors and also, this kind of behaviour at a junior level, almost always happens because the juniors think they are going to be commended by those higher in the chain. Now why would they think a thing like that?

There is going to be a newser at 3:30 on Newsworld. I will be keenly interested in what the SDQ has to say for itself.

Update:No sign of the press conference yet at 4:15 pm.
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