Friday, August 31, 2007

Dick Goes National

The CanWest papers have now sent the story of Dirty Dick national. I am glad Nathan Cullen has launched an official complaint and I still think he should take this up with the Speaker as well. I definitely feel his privilege as a member has been attacked by Harris and the Tories. I also think all NDP members should look very carefully at the CPC nominees in their ridings and see how widespread this is. I just don't buy that this was a rogue operation in one riding (especially now that the media has confirmed the story about a "go to person in Catherine Bell's riding too).

Finally, since Harris, in his initial CBC interview mentioned the "third party" as not cutting it, Bloc members should also scrutinize the CPC for unethical behavior. I firmly believe that this government has become as rotten in 20 months as the Liberals ever were.
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