Friday, March 05, 2010

Give A Dog A Bone

The Conservatives ran roughshod over our parliamentary democracy for three months and now they toss Iggy some scraps. Rather than being outraged by their cheek (as Derek Lee seems to be), Iggy seems pleased to be offered a way out of the whole distasteful business of asserting the power of Parliament.

Update: If you read between the lines here, it is obvious what is going on. The Conservative know Iggy will do almost anything to avoid a confrontation. So, they are stalling for time and are hoping to give Iggy just enough so he can whip his caucus back from the brink of actually growing a spine. Derek Lee may be a bit of a problem here, but he has withdrawn his motion for the time being (no doubt at Iggy's request) and that must count as a win for the government. Now, the Harperites can futz around with the terms of reference and if the poll numbers start looking good for them, call an election before Iacobucci has a chance to report back.

Update 2: If the opposition goes along with this farce (and by the opposition I mean Iggy), and let a third party tell them what they can or can't see, they will be admitting that Parliament is not supreme.
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1 comment:

  1. Terms of reference, etc., etc... you know what?

    I think they took your advice, Greg. Subbing Iacobucci for a Royal Commission.