Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where Progressives And Libertarians Can Agree

Gerald Caplan in the Globe yesterday:
I confess that I fear women-hating extremists of every sort, not least those that play prominent roles in all the world’s religions (including the Harper government in its increasing genuflection to ultra-conservative Christianity). Frankly, I am repelled by the sight of a nun in full costume, an ultra-orthodox Jew in his bizarre uniform, or a Muslim woman imprisoned (in my judgment) in her niqab or burqa. But I also understand that none of them are any of my business, so long as they are not hurting others – the ultimate liberal test. When religious radicals do harm, as they so frequently and grievously do, they must be opposed with all the strength democracy allows. But many do no harm except to our different sensibilities. They just want to live their chosen life, however much others dislike it. Not only can’t their rights be trampled on. Progressives must fight, as always, even to uphold rights we find distasteful. (emphasis mine)
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