Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cat, Meet Pigeons

The pigeons of course, are the Liberals, although I hear cooing coming from the Conservatives too. Jack Layton on the other hand, is meowing all the way.
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  1. Are Canadians as anti-Afghan mission as they were, now that Barack Obama is leading the fight and not George W. Bush?

    But yes, the NDP is safe, the Tories are safe with their current voters but not safe with the ones they want to win, and the Grits are... well, they really should make up their minds now, shouldn't they?

  2. Your second paragraph sums up the way I feel. The NDP has the least to lose, followed by the Conservatives (with the caution that if they do extend the mission, they will not grow their base). The Liberals, as usual, are being squeezed.