Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shorter Jack Layton

On Power and Politics today: "Gee, I wish we could make the Prime Minister turn over the documents to Parliament, but it's not like Parliament is supreme or anything. Maybe you guys in the media can do some digging for us." Pathetic. It makes me wonder what the Hell we were doing on January 23rd, protesting in support of a Parliament that won't lift a Goddamn finger to save itself.
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  1. Have you read Topp's book about the coalition crisis of 2008, Greg?

    Just finished it, myself. Better read even than his blog posts.

    It provides some insight into this stuff -- so, in your man's defence, he probably took the read of Ignatieff on this one and decided it was all up anyway....

  2. Topp's book is definitely on my list. As for Layton, sometimes tilting at windmills is worth it. At least Iggy would have to explain why he doesn't believe in parliamentary supremacy. Layton on the CBC helped flush the idea down the memory hole.