Monday, March 08, 2010

Iggy's Search For The Exit

Kady is writing about the letter Iggy sent to Harper:
That's said, it's worth noting that the words "parliamentary supremacy" appear nowhere in Ignatieff's missive. He doesn't even mention the House Order, which seems a curious oversight given his recently oft-stated appreciation and respect for the institution itself, which suggests that he may be holding out a shred of hope that the PM agrees to a public inquiry, which would render the Afghanistan committee's soon-to-be-relaunched investigation moot, and take the detainee issue off the political agenda, at least as far as his party's priority list.

Unfortunately for him, there's been little indication of any appetite within Langevin to heed the call for an inquiry -- yes, even though it would also give the Conservatives considerable breathing room on the detainee file as well -- which means that eventually, the Liberals are going to have to make a decision on whether to keep up the push for full accountability, not to mention explicit acknowledgement of the power of parliament to compel production of documents, or fold like so many blue-ribboned umbrellas. If past performance is any indication, Ignatieff will almost inevitably veer awkwardly towards the latter, particularly if the official PMO-or-CPC-issued talking points return to the seemingly bottomless well that is his very own post-September 11th musings on terrorism, torture and "lesser evils," but you never know. (emphasis mine)
Indeed. It is becoming painfully obvious that Iggy will jump at any opportunity to avoid a confrontation with the government on this issue. Could it be that he doesn't want parliamentary supremacy recognized because he already imagines himself faced with the consequences of that decision, some day? Or, could it be that certain powerful past Liberal PM's have been quietly telling Iggy that they have no desire to fly to the Hague to explain their role in the interrogation of Afghans? We probably will never know, but what we can certain of is this, Iggy will accept almost anything the PM gives him. The only question left to answer is, is the PM willing to give him even the smallest bone?
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  1. For what it's worth, I think Ignatieff was right in "The Lesser Evil", if a bit of a spineless douche...

    Will Harper give Ignatieff a bone? Didn't do it last June, did he? (Still, you can only kick a guy around for so long -- cf. Dion in November 2008. Just bought Topp's book.)