Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Politics And Birth Control

All that needs to be said about the Conservatives "Maternal Health" plan is it is DOA. No serious international development agency or donor country would put a plan forward that explicitly ignores family planning and the G8 will let it sit on a shelf to die. However, I doubt very much if this will bother the geniuses at the PMO. This, like so much else from this government, is just wedge politics dressed up as policy. Banning abortion and denying women even the right to access contraception appeals to the base of the Conservative party and no one else. That, to the twisted folks who are running Canada a the moment, is just too glorious an opportunity to pass up. The problem in this case is the Conservatives are playing wedge politics with women's lives. That should disturb even the Conservative base (though I doubt it will).

Update: Wells has a scorecard rating this proposal in relation to the other G8 countries. Hint: It ain't pretty.
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