Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Thoughts On The Passage Of Obamacare

1) In politics a win is a win and Obama should put Pelosi on his Christmas list for the rest of his life. Unlike the quailing weaklings in the administration who wanted to water down the watered down Senate Bill, after the loss of their 60th seat, Pelosi would have none of it. The lady is not for watering. She is the steel in Obama's suddenly rigid spine and he should be grateful.

2) America is a strange and foreign place and I must admit I am finding I understand it less and less as the days pass.

Bonus Third Thought: The Republicans are not feeling too bad today. They plan to bring this new law before the Roberts Supreme Court. Given its track record, health care reform has perhaps an insurmountable hurdle to clear.
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  1. I'd be very surprised if the lawsuits worked.

    Still, 37 states are preparing legislation, and 13 attorneys-general are preparing court cases. And the population is 49-37 in favour of suing to have the mandate overturned. (Says Rasmussen, anyway.)

    I can assure you, however, that Republicans aren't feeling too hot right now. They're (we're) feeling like they (we) were socked in the jaw.

    The thinking was that this was over, once Scott Brown won in MA -- that that was a sufficiently serious shot across the bow of the Ship of State.

    It wasn't.

  2. But... it's possible.

    Two libertarian law profs -- one says almost certainly not (1%), the other sees a small, non-trivial possibility.