Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Open Letter To The Cowards Who Defaced The Waterloo Mosque

Dear Cowards,

Did you have fun spray painting swastikas and "Death to you all" on the walls of a place of worship? Did it make you feel like you were brave, warriors of western civilization? Did it make you feel like men? Well let me tell you something. You are nothing but scum.

Men don't sneak around in the middle of the night with spray cans. If they have a problem, particularly a political problem, they debate about it and they try to find a solution. They do not hide behind the veil of darkness and terrorize their neighbors. What you did proves you are not men, but scared children, afraid to show yourselves and defend your point of view (such as it is).

I hope and pray that the police catch up with you and you are forced to confront the stupidity of your actions. I also hope that someday you realize that what you did is wrong and that you make amends. Then you will be men.
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  1. Bad scene. Hope they find the jerks responsible, and prosecute them.