Saturday, February 27, 2010

Greg's Crystal Ball

Prorogation has not worked out very well for the government. They are going to face a possible vote on censure, in the next week or so, on the Afghanistan torture files. To avoid this fate, if I was Harper (which thank God, I am not, ekkk), I would have one of my minions announce a Royal Commission some time this weekend. Then I would take about seven months setting the terms and getting that puppy up and running. Then I would go to court to stop the Royal Commission from seeing anything I didn't want it to see. By the time it cleared the courts, the next election will have come and gone, in which case, I would either still be king of Canada, or collecting a fat paycheck from an American think tank.
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  1. That sounds about right... Follow the WWJCD modus operandi...

  2. I am waiting for Steve to strangle a protester. That is the only piece of the puzzle still missing.

  3. I miss that guy. My favourite speech of his? The one where he announced that he was turfing Paul Martin from cabinet. ("... and we mutually agreed that he was, ah, to leave.")