Friday, February 26, 2010

Guergis Loses Role As Anne Of Green Gables...

Calls PEI a "Shithole". Let's see if Harper protects her as much as Rob Anders. My guess is, since she is no threat to start her own party, Helena is in some deep doo doo.
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  1. Show a little positivity. Guergis did not lose a role as Anne of Green Gables. She gained a role as Anne of Green Shitholes.

  2. Balance an urban Ontarian holding a previously swingable rural seat vs. Atlantic Canadian sensibilities...

    I say it comes down to what New Brunswick thinks. Harper can burn a seat in PEI so as to avoid an Ontario brushfire, but he won't burn six seats in NB. (The NS seats are safe, and the NF seats are... well, non-existent, now.) If all Atlantic Canada thinks "WTF?!", she's a goner. If they too think that PEI is a shithole, she stays.