Thursday, February 11, 2010

Compare And Contrast

Dimitri Soudas in the aftermath of the Insite protest:
"This was supposed to be a day of celebration but unfortunately those protesters were very violent and it has to created a serious security risk for those inside," Soudas said.

Jun Ing, one of the "victims" of this "terror"(and yes, Dimitri did use that word on Power and Politics):
"This is what's so beautiful about Canada, this is a free country," said Ing, secretary-general of the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver. "But I'm hoping they could be a little more considerate next time."
See the difference? One is criticizing the actions of the protest in the mildest of terms, while the other is completely bat-shit crazy. For any Conservatives reading this, the bat-shit crazy one is Dimitri Soudas.
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