Sunday, February 14, 2010

Open Letter To The Idiots Smashing Window In Vancouver

Dear Assholes,

What do you think you are accomplishing smashing windows and picking fights with bystanders, on the streets of Vancouver? I realize such bullshit behaviour gives you credibility with the dicks you call your friends, but it does nothing to advance your cause and in fact plays into the hands of the morons running the country. Every time one of you asshats picks up a rock an tosses it at a cop or a storefront, another member of the middle class becomes vulnerable to the "law and order" crap the Conservatives are spreading around like manure in the Spring. Do me a favor, stop acting like your shit doesn't stink and use your fucking brains for a change. Thanks a lot for you time.
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  1. I didn't hear any stories about protests today -- could it be that they smartened up?

  2. Well, you could make the argument that, ideologically, anarchists are probably closer to my side anyway.

    Except for those "anarchist socialists". Not sure what to call those people -- deeply confused, I suppose...