Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Are Being Governed By Thugs

What can one say about a government that has so little of substance on offer that it can spend most of its time smearing decorated retired generals and other assorted enemies? I am at a loss for words really. This is truly the worst government in the history of the country. Coincidentally, key people surrounding the previous "winner" of the worst government in the history of the country are prominent members of our latest "winner".

Update: Meanwhile, as the government amused itself by attacking yet another enemy, the real world moves on. It turns out that Steve's estimate for military spending was only off by $20 billion (and I think that $20 billion will turn into $30 or $40 billion over time). A question for any MSM readers of this blog. How is it that the Tories have a free ride when it comes to "managerial skill"? In my opinion these guys couldn't run a two hole shitter, let alone a government.
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