Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Other Half Of Jason Kenney's Job Description

Jason Kenney is not only the chief apologizer for the government, he is also the chief insulter. Today Jason had his insulter hat on as he accused one of Canada's greatest heroes, former General and now Senator, Romeo Dallaire, of only being interested in child soldiers since the Tories took power.

Update: What a surprise, the Liberal leadership is heading for the hills. Dion is even hinting that Dallaire will be disciplined for telling the truth. I should have seen this coming. As usual the Liberal leadership is being serious, very serious.

Update 2:
Aaron Wherry provides some other witnesses from other forums who said pretty much what Dallaire said yesterday. The idea that countries that ignore and stomp on international law are no better than the terrorists they fight, is only controversial to neo-con thugs and emasculated Liberal Party officials.
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1 comment:

  1. Dion has lost all vestiges of support from me with that wimp out.

    Kenney was baiting Dallaire with his scenario games, and Dallaire responded admirably. Yes, Dallaire's comments could be construed as extreme, but they server their purpose to illustrate the moral bankruptcy surrounding the Khadr case.

    Dion should be ashamed. Even a hint of discipline leaves Dallaire high and dry. If he resigned his position as Senator, I wouldn't blame him one bit. If that's the kind of support he's going to get, he may as well look to other methods of pursuing human rights. The Liberals are indicating they care more for optics and procedure than results.