Monday, May 12, 2008

Looking Ahead

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Liberals will not vote to bring down the Tories today, even though the NDP motion is Liberal friendly:
That the House recognize the harmful effects on working and middle-income Canadians of the growing income gap fostered by this government's unbalanced economic agenda, including it's failure to reform employment insurance to ensure that people who lose their jobs during economic downturns are protected and trained, and therefore the House has lost confidence in this government.
The Star is also reporting that the Liberals are making every indication that they will not sink the government on either its immigration bill or its film censorship law.

I expect several "progressives" will post many "I am so mad at the Liberals right now...I guess I will have to wait another six months to vote for them", entries on blogs across the progressosphere, as these things come to pass (or not). The Liberals know its membership. Hell, its membership's infinite forgiveness is reason for the Liberal Party's, shall we say, flexible take on all issues. Give Dion credit for knowing there is virtually nothing he can't abandon that will make his members abandon him.
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