Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Security Council: Tripping On The Starting Line

If you read between the lines, the Tory position on its run (or non run) for a seat on the UN security council has a certain internal logic. The Tories know that its foreign policy is not a winner with the vast majority of UN members -- even though it is popular among the old imperial powers. They also know that to lose such a race, for those reasons is a loser in Canada. The Harperites have spent the last two and a half years telling Canadians that "Canada is back". How can they square the message that Canada is now a big deal on the world stage, when it can't even get on to the Security Council of an organization widely respected in this country? The answer is they can't.

So, the Tories are left with two choices. They can pull out of the race (probably late on a Friday around a long weekend) or they can stay in and probably lose. I am betting that given the size of Steve's ego, Canadians will be reading (or not reading)a press release from Foreign Affairs some long weekend in the near future.
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