Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Is Toast

Only 75,000 showed up in Portland to hear him. What a loser.

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  1. If you have a spare day or two during the next few months, & Barack Obama swings by Detroit or the bitter denizens of upstate New York (Russert's hometown of Buffalo, maybe), I highly recommend swinging by one of his rallies.

    Not so much for the speech -- I imagine we'll have them memorized by then -- but to watch the crowd.

    It's a powerful experience. (In fact, you can date my anti-Obama feelings from my attendance at his Boston pre-Super Tuesday rally. Which I hadn't felt earlier.)

    Whether he wins or not, it's a campaign that will go down in history (and spawn many, many books).

  2. I would love to do that. This could turn into Trudeau 1968. I still remember that. Reason went out the window, it was pure charisma, all the way.

  3. Among his supporters, there is a Trudeau-style effect, yes. (Krauthammer called that one early.)

    The issue will be, does that translate to the general electorate this fall?

    I fully expect there to be 100k+ rallies in college football stadiums before we're done in November, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's winning the rest of 'em.

    Will be interesting to watch.