Friday, May 09, 2008

Why Are We Talking About Biker Chicks?

The answer is quite simple. We can't talk about the budget, Afghanistan, climate change, immigration, the faltering Ontario economy, or any issue that might lead to an election, because the Liberal Party hasn't got the guts to bring down the Harper government. So, all we are left with is the burning issue of who Maxime Bernier is squiring around Ottawa. Yes, Bernier is an idiot. I get it. But, in the bigger scheme of things, it is small cheese. However, when you have mice running the official opposition, small cheese looks like a big deal.
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  1. This is why (from CP):

    'Chris Mathers, a security consultant who spent years as an undercover RCMP officer, said Bernier's close associates must be closely scrutinized. "It's a security issue, for sure. . . It's not a private thing when you associate with someone who has criminal associates, and you're a person in authority.

    "The reason that's bad is that there could be some type of extortion of the woman, of the minister himself - there's all sorts of potential things that could happen." Mathers says ties to the murky domain of organized crime, however tenuous, could prove problematic: "It's a world where rumour and innuendo rule." '

  2. Len I get it, but how is this more important than the economy, or the environment, or Afghanistan? How is Bernier more of an issue than Harper's war on the public service or his attack on immigrants? How does this stack up as an issue compared to the possible interference of the RCMP into an election and the alleged cheating by the governing party in that same election? Do you see my point? This really is small beer? By all means let's bring down this government. Oh, we can't do that? Let's have a debate on Afghanistan? Oh, we can't do that. No, all we can talk about and get outraged about is Maxime Bernier and his ex-girlfriend. Get outraged if you want to about this government, but there are better targets. Too bad the Liberal party has put most of them out of bounds for public debate.

  3. 'Chris Mathers, a security consultant who spent years as an undercover RCMP officer, said Bernier's close associates must be closely scrutinized.'

    In short, do a background check on her. Gosh, I'll just bet the RCMP never did that when she traveled with official delegations.

    Greg is right... this is Bread and Circuses.

    Notice we aren't talking about In and Out? Harper would love to skirmish about this silliness for another two weeks.

  4. I want an election.

    I've wanted one since the summer of 2007.

    Why can't the opposition get its act together and give us one?