Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bernier Is Still Small Cheese

I know the whole country is seized with Bumbling Bernier, but the bigger story is still NAFTAgate. If what James Travers wrote yesterday is true, this government deliberately leaked a memo to the son of a Republican congressman, with the aim of interfering in the internal politics of a U.S. election. That is way bigger than leaving briefing notes on a ex-girlfriend's coffee table. We are into Watergate territory here. If I was Psycho Steve, I would be looking for a nice country property in France. He would be better off living offshore for a while.

Update: The Sensenbrenner story has hit the Daily Kos. Gee, I wonder if any Democrats read that thing? Harper had better be sure his partner works overtime on behalf of McCain this fall. I suspect Obama will hold a grudge.

Update 2: I guess the Dems have noticed. Question: Why is Harper still in Europe?
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  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    I agree that Brodie and his actions are worse. The Liberal Caucus thinks that Canadians will care more about the sex(ier) scandal unfortunately.

    They could have actually dealt with it a couple weeks back when the NDP's Paul Dewar put forward a non-confidence motion in the Minister at the foreign affairs committee. The Liberal members of the committee didn't support the motion.

    I guess they prefer to jin-up the issue rather than actually vote on anything substantive.