Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

I don't like Ibbitson when he's not angry either. To say he hates the Harperite's budget, is an understatement. How's he feeling? You can tell from the first sentence:
How Liberal is this allegedly Conservative budget? It's so Liberal that it actually revives the sponsorship program.
Ouch. He goes on like this for several paragraphs. Then he puts his brain in neutral and his true personality shows through.
Vast swaths of the suburban middle class may start to wonder whether maybe this Harper fellow isn't as scary as his critics make him out to be and, besides, that baby bonus sure has come in handy.

The Liberals and the NDP, meanwhile, fight over the downtown Toronto lesbian vote.(emphasis mine)
"Fight over the downtown Toronto lesbian vote?" WTF? Have you ever read a more contempt filled (and not to mention stereotyped filled) phrase this week? If you don't like the budget, fine, John, but don't go out of your way to slap a group you hold in obvious contempt (and who, by the way, face the same issues as all other Canadian families). Imagine the reaction in some quarters if Ibbitson had substituted the word "Jewish" for "lesbian". I guess John thinks it is all right to put women down, though. I think John needs to put down his pen and go for a walk.

Update: What did I think of the budget? The one thing Ibbitson got right was his characterization of the budget as "Liberal". This is the budget Ralph Goodale would have delivered if he was Finance Minister this year. It will not scare people, but I have a feeling the conservative true believers, will be questioning their faith this morning.
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