Thursday, March 29, 2007

Greg Weston Gets The Picture

Weston is slightly troubled by Steve's new best friend in Quebec:
What more could Dumont want? Apparently, lots.

He would like Quebec to heave the Canada Health Act, and move to a mix of public and private medical care.

Dumont thinks it would be better for Quebec to collect all of its own income and other taxes, sending an appropriate amount to Ottawa (read: Not much), rather than the other way around.

The ADQ platform also talks about Quebecers getting their own citizenship and separate constitution.

And while they're at it, Dumont apparently thinks it would be a nice touch to rename the whole place the "Autonomous State of Quebec."

Add it all up, and the definition of "autonomous" would appear to be a province that controls everything and everyone within its borders, while the rest of Canada just sends money. Sweet.
If this is the vision Steve has for the country, he should say so, openly. If not, he should, again openly, tell his buddy to sod off.
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