Thursday, March 08, 2007


For the record, I support the state of Israel (even though I think their government is often off track). I think questioning its existence is stupid and useless and frankly, repugnant. I also vote NDP. As a supporter of the state of Israel, it pains me when I see major, "pro-Israel" lobby groups, hanging around (and even celebrating) with people who support Israel only as a means to bring about the end of the world, in fulfillment of their twisted interpretation of the Christian faith. These "friends" of Israel are the ones we should be worried about. These are the people we need to warn the population against. Instead, we read a condemnation (justified as it is) only of the rantings of a Canadian political blogger, with no real power or influence. I think we need to get some perspective here. Which of the two is the real threat to Israel, the embrace of its "supporters" of Christian fundamentalists, from the last superpower on earth, or the writings of a guy from London, Ontario?

I respect Warren Kinsella. I have only met him once, at a blogging party in Toronto, and I have to say he is a delightful and charming guy. I just wish he would recognize the difference between a real threat to Israel and a fake one.
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