Friday, March 30, 2007

Bill C 30

Kudos to the NDP for shepherding the improved Clean Air Act through committee. No matter what happens now, it shows the public what can be done, if the will exists. Watching Baird's reaction on the CBC after the committee was done, I saw a man who was having an existential crisis. You could tell that he has been affected by the science since he has taken the job, but was still spewing the same old bullshit talking points of the Conservative Party. He sounded unconvinced by his own words. He has never looked so self-awarely lame.

Update: I was also amused by Baird's parliamentary secretary's (Mark Warawa) denunciation of "carbon taxes" on Don Newman's show. When it was pointed out (start at 44:20) that the government just past a carbon tax in the recent budget (in the form of a tax on SUV purchases), I thought the poor guy's head was going to pop off. It was one of those "Yes but, no but, yes but" moments every politician fears.

Update 2:Another thought occurs. Since the Tories seem hell bent on destroying Dion's leadership street cred, such victories for the NDP can only enhance Layton's. If the Tories go too far (and it looks like they know no other way), it could collapse the Liberal vote and the NDP will be there as a credible alternative. We could see a repeat of the Quebec vote across the country.
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