Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something For Mario To Consider

Private health care advocate and Quebec Premier wannabe, Mario Dumont should take a look at the mother of all private systems in yesterday's Slate Magazine:
The current system is increasingly inaccessible to many poor and lower-middle-class people (about 47 million Americans lack health insurance, up from about 40 million in 2000); those lucky enough to have coverage are paying steadily more and/or receiving steadily fewer benefits; the increasingly complex warfare between insurers and hospitals over who pays the bills is gobbling up a great deal of money and resources; and the end result is that the United States pays roughly twice as much per capita for health care as Canada, France, and the United Kingdom yet experiences slightly lower life expectancy than those countries and significantly higher infant mortality. The problems inherent in the U.S. system of health care are literally killing people.
Sure makes me want to switch to a private insurance system. How about you?
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