Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Living In Interesting Times

Well, I guess we will find out more about Mario Dumont now. I am glad the PQ got kicked in the ass. They have been a constant thorn in the side of the nation for 40 years. Whether this is a blip or a historic shift, we will see, but for now it is good to see the PQ in eclipse. I would warn those who embrace the "Autonomist" ADQ, (and in particular Tories), to be careful what you wish for. Dumont's vision of conservative nationalism may be more than you bargained for.

I realize the stunning rise of ADQ power is like red meat to the Blogging Tories who were pretty jazzed by the prospect of a spring election before the results of the Quebec election were known. This is inevitable, I'm afraid. They were itching to go before and will be howling now. I can live with that.

Harper may not have much choice but to call an election. The conditions seem perfect for him (even though I am convinced they are not) and the temptation to go is overwhelming. If an election comes, it comes. I think the NDP is well placed to do well, united by a stable leadership and comfortable in its own skin, while the Liberals are in big trouble. I don't look forward to my third trip to the polls in three years (this time with added ID requirements), but I don't fear it either.
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