Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rumbling In the East And West

The budget may not be the big winner, the Harperites think it is. Sure they dumped billions into Quebec, but Quebecers expect that money as their due. The political payoff may not be that big for Harper. He will probably not lose seats in Quebec, but if Charest fails to become Premier, he will probably not pick up any either. Meanwhile, it looks like premiers in both the east and the west are falling all over themselves to denounce Harper as a liar and traitor. It seems that Harper is counting on big increases in Quebec and Ontario to help him push him over the top into majority territory. His job might be more difficult than he imagines if he begins the election by losing 12 seats in Saskatchewan and 9 in Atlantic Canada.

Update: And if this perception takes off, the budget will deliver fewer votes than expected in Ontario too.

Update 2: Coyne chimes in and he agrees with me, so today he is a genius. ;)
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