Sunday, March 18, 2007

Speaking Of Arrogant Pols

I see Queen Elizabeth is dropping in on Nova Scotia, during the upcoming election. No, not that Queen Elizabeth, this one. All she asks is that all the other parties not run anyone against her. Not too much to ask in a general election, eh? The fact that this seat could possibly be won by the NDP (they were the second place party last time out) and thus hurt the Liberals profile in the province, I'm sure had no bearing on her decision. Splitting the vote in a riding the Liberals and Greens couldn't win in anyway and re-electing a Tory is preferable to the Liberals (and Ms. May) than chancing an NDP victory, I guess.

For the record, Elizabeth May lives in Ottawa and has done so since 1985. Is there some problem running where you live Elizabeth?
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