Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Cynic

Haroon Siddiqui is effusive in his praise for Harper's handling of the Haitian crisis and compares if favorably to his handling of Lebanon:
This is in sharp contrast to Harper's reluctant relief efforts in Lebanon in 2006. Being more experienced now, he's said to be using the lessons learned in that disaster.

More likely, he did not want to help the victims of the Israeli invasion he had backed unequivocally. His ministers had avoided Canadian Arabs. His minions had badmouthed the Canadians caught in Lebanon for costing us too much.

Mercifully, there's no such meanness in Harper's Haiti effort. He has kept it free of geopolitics and partisanship and thus looked good.
Not to sound like a complete dick, but one wonders how quickly Harper would have moved if a) he didn't have a vocal group of people complaining that he had taken a two month vacation and b) Haitians did not compose an important voting group in the Montreal area, a heretofore electoral wasteland for the Conservative Party.
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