Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Message From Your Government


Forget about prorogation. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Remember that. In order for you to assimilate this message, for every new person joining Facebook, we will send out another cabinet minister to tell you to swallow your gold fillings. The watchword for today is FEAR.

Greg's note: Fear is all the Conservatives have left. Nothing else seems to be working. Don't underestimate this tactic. It worked for the Republicans for years.

Instant Update: My favorite section of the Globe article:
After cabinet discussions earlier this week, Conservative ministers yesterday attempted to allay public fears about boarding aircraft. But without elaborating, they also said they have obtained “two or three” new intelligence tips concerning serious threats since the failed Christmas Day attack.

None were described as an imminent threat to Canada, and none have apparently led the government to take measures any tougher than the airport-scrutiny regimen imposed on Dec. 26. (emphasis mine)
None of the threats were aimed specifically at Canada and none of them has led to any concrete action on the part of the government. However, they do make for really, really good distractions for a government looking to distract voters from its bad behaviour.
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  1. Yes! Ha! Ha! Anger is comedy's twin-brother.

  2. From today's Star --

    Liberals treated the security pronouncements with caution, though senior strategists acknowledged they found the Baird and Van Loan appearances bizarre.

    The senior Liberal said: "If they had information on the weekend and if this is serious, they should have come clean with it. The way they are rolling this out now can only make us suspicioius."