Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hear, Hear

Murray Mandryk writes:
For example, Senate abolition seems to be one of the few sentiments in which virtually everyone agrees with the NDP. (Anyone remember Stephen Harper's commitment to elected senators?) But does anyone assume this unequivocally demonstrates a federal NDP government commitment to adhering to every democratic principle? Certainly, those of us from Saskatchewan have a working knowledge of NDP governments that increased sales taxes (after promising to repeal the harmonized sales tax increase), manipulated election days (after promising set elections) and abused patronage appointments (after criticizing the last Progressive Conservative government for the same thing).

That said, what we're witnessing from Stephen Harper takes contempt for democratic principles to a whole new level and it may be even worse than that. Harper is using public cynicism as a blunt hammer to pound in the detour sign that allows him to get around the last bastion of true accountability for his PM0.

And that truly does separate Harper from those who preceded him.
(emphasis mine)
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