Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday In The Square

Well, I just got back from the rally in Waterloo. I nipped down on my lunch break and I don't have much time to post before it is over. Everyone was in a great mood and the weather was perfect. All of the 300 postcards they had produced to sign for the PM had been signed by the time I got there. The organizers reckoned they had about 500 people at the rally's peak. Not bad for a grassroots movement. Btw. I was glad I saw this on Kady's blog:
a pointed message for jack layton? just passed a sign that read, simply, 'NO PROROGUE - CAPP IS NOT NDP'. Let that be a warning to the various politicians on the speakers' list: Turn this into a stump speech at your peril. (On that note, I was chatting with a Liberal last night who predicted that any overtly partisan speech by his party's leader would likely result in a chorus of boom-mic-friendly boos -- or, in his view, it *should*.)
That is truly the feeling of this movement. Political parties had better tread lightly. You are welcome to suggest good ideas, but you are not leading this movement. Not by a long shot.

Afternoon Break Update: Pictures here: Courtesy of the Twitter.
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