Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Emperor Has No Clothes

What I like about this piece by the Canadian Press is its tone of skepticism. Harper's blatant use of a natural disaster to create political theatre, (special lighting for the Peace Tower, is suddenly ok, when lowering the flag for our fallen troops is forbidden?)is at least called out. I am beginning to think Harper has succeeded so well, in making everyone cynical, that there is no gesture he could make that people wouldn't examine six ways to Sunday to find the political motive. Mister Vulcan chess master may be headed into an end game.
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  1. sheesh! get out and play with your kids, friends or whoever and get some natural light. Slam one of your righty hockey friends into the boards or something! You've got to lighten up and forget about Ottawa for awhile.
    Harper will be gone sooner than you think and the progressive side needs more than slamming the boogeyman to get elected and do whatever you think needs doing.

  2. Harper will be gone sooner than you think

    Promises, promises.