Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Clarification From My Betters

Let me get this straight. 30,000 people joining a Facebook page is a joke, worthy of derision, but a government elected by just 22% of the voters of a country is supposed to be taken seriously? Really? Take both seriously, or deride both, but don't pretend that one is a more valid expression of the will of the people than the other. Please.
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  1. The government received 257 times as many votes as the Facebook group has members. In other news, I'll be happy to show you cases where I derided the government.

  2. So in relative terms it is more popular than a Facebook page? Big accomplishment. To me, it is meaningless as long as we insist on using a flawed electoral system (I know, you don't like it either). We may as well use cow flop bingo to choose our governments.

  3. We could'nt get a worse government from the cows