Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ready, Aye Ready

Thomas Walkom in today's Star gets it right:
What's intriguing about Obama's effective nationalization of GM and Chrysler is that he hasn't bothered with the nuisance of demanding equity shares that might allow the public to benefit from any gains. He simply argues that if the companies want U.S. government money, they will have to do what the U.S. government wants

What's intriguing about Canada's role is that, save for their 20-per-cent-of-production demand, our governments haven't even done that. They are not, for instance, requiring job guarantees. Nor are they demanding that manufacturers build so-called cars of the future in Canadian plants.

In effect, Ottawa and Queen's Park are telling the car companies this: If you want Canadian taxpayer money, you'll have to do what the U.S. government wants.
The Harperites and their little friends at Queen's Park, have given up our sovereignty without getting anything in return. Way to stand up for Canadians, boys.
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