Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Shorter Garrison Keillor: "Let those who tortured prisoners go free. At least we will get free health care out of it. C'mon, what are a few tortured Muslims, when you can have a free bypass!"

Update: Dear readers. Read the piece and let me know what you think. After re-reading it, it might be satire that went over my head. What say you?

Update the Second: On the other hand. It is beginning to look as if the "Keillor is a liberal wanker" position is the right one.
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  1. It's satire - he's referring to released CIA documents that showed those being waterboarded had the benefit of having a govt physician at their side throughout the procedure. See MSNBC's Olbermann show from 2 days(?)ago on same issue.

  2. Not sure.

    It would consume the Obama presidency, if we went forward with investigations and trials, and said presidency is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for liberals.

    But the train part could be a reference to making the trains run on time, etc.

  3. Yes, the train reference is what gave me pause too.